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The first four in my witch series! I’m really enjoying drawing this series and I’m planning on making twelve altogether.

These are all now available in my INPRNT shop.



Valentin Yudashkin sent down an absolutely gorgeous and delicately feminine collection for his Spring/Summer 2015 collection. Flower appliqué and immaculately precise stitching accompanied ethereal silhouettes. There were billowing skirts, elegant daywear and pink floral pieces that personified Hans Christian Andersen’s Thumbelina. Hand-painted watercolors and pastels juxtaposed the metallic filigree in a strikingly luxurious way. When you lacquer something in gold, it becomes that much more precious.

The models looked like walking vases - an open canvas for blooming life and rejuvenation. The dresses could be mistaken for floral couture, as if a garden was blooming directly on them. A palette that consisted of the colors of clouds could only be fit for a modern Disney princess and her woodland nymph counterpart.

Photographed by Vogue Italia

aesthetic goals

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Wishing I could afford all the clothes I want for #HARD and #escape 😢🌸💚💖💸💸 #art #rave #style

Wishing I could afford all the clothes I want for #HARD and #escape 😢🌸💚💖💸💸 #art #rave #style